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InLace Liquid Inlay

Inlace Liquid Inlay The inLace brand of inlay products includes not only InLace Kits, but also a comprehensive range of additives. The available additives are Granules, Nuggets, Metallic Dusts, Stone Flakes, Pearlescent Dyes, and Solid Color Dyes, InLace Buffung Compound, InLace Polishing Compound and InLace Thicken-IT are also available. Use the liquid InLace Dyes to change the color of InLace. InLace Nuggets are irregular pieces in solid colors, and have the effect of adding rare stone to the work. Nuggets will sand and finish just like InLace.

  • InLace Metallic Dusts make InLace look as though it has been shot with colored diamond dust. Adding Metallic Dust and Dye to Clear InLace will add a new dimension to Christmas Ornaments. They are great for adding a little color to any InLace mix. Try about 50% - 50% mix of resin to granules or nuggets, or resin to metallic dust.
  • InLace manufactures inlay products, wholesaling to manufacturers and resellers. InLace is the premier resin inlay material on the market today, and is a favorite for woodturnings, inlay for stringed instruments, is commonly used by cue makers, as well as gourd artists.
  • InLace Kits are available in ten pre-mixed custom colors. For artisans that want to control every aspect of color and texture in their InLace 'recipes', a Clear kit is also available. The kit is the heart of the InLace inlay system. Additives can be used to customize the premixed color kits, and create unique Inlace 'recipes'.
  • InLace Nuggets are available in fourteen colors. This additive can be added to any of the kits, and adds both color and texture to the inlay.
  • InLace Granules are available in fifteen colors. This additive can be added to any of the kits, and adds both color and texture to the inlay.
  • InLace Metallic Dusts are available in twelve colors. They can be added to any of the InLace Kits, and add a metallic glittery effect to the color and texture of final inlay finish. The extent of this 'glittery' effect is completely controllable and customizable.
  • InLace Stone Flakes are available in 24 vibrant colors. The amount of flakes used in a project is completely in the hands of the artisan. Consequently, as with all of the InLace additives, there is no end to the possible 'recipes' that can be created. The final colors and textures are all open variables, under the control of the experimenting craftsman.
  • InLace Metallic Dyes are available in eight colors. They impart a shimmering metallic luster to Inlace. As with all InLace Dyes, they are most often used with the Clear Kits.
  • InLace Pearl Dyes are available in five colors. The pearl dyes add a soft understated pearlescent coloring, and are typically used with the Clear Inlace Kits. These dyes result in a unique shimmering pearlescent finish.
  • InLace Solid Color Dyes are available in nine colors. They are most typically used with the Clear Inlace Kits. Solid Color Dyes can be used to create a solid color, or used as a base to which additional additives are mixed.

Two compounds are offered for the final buffing and polishing of InLace inlay material. After the mixture has cured, the material should be sanded smooth, and flush with the surface of the work, working through finer and finer grits of abrasives. Then the Buffing Compound, followed by the Polishing Compound, should be used to bring out the true luster of the Inlace finish.

Thicken-It is very helpful for artisans that are working 'in the round', such as pool cue makers, flute makers, and for anyone working inlay designs around bowls. Thicken-It is added to the final mixture just before adding the Hardener and proceeding with the inlay. The addition of Thicken-It makes the material more viscous, and therefore thicker and easier to control. Please note that a little bit goes a long way, and it should be added sparingly. Gradually, the craftsman will gain a feel for the correct amount to add for their specific needs and projects.